Build A Movement & Monetize Your Audience w/ Lamar Tyler

Lamar Tyler teaches you how to build a movement behind your products, monetize your audience, and create systems to have a profitable freedom based business.

Lamar Tyler is the founder of the wildly successful and

He has successfully leveraged social media to build an international brand with fans across the globe. Along with creating social content, producing and directing films and developing social media strategies for America’s most well-known brands, Lamar travels the country speaking at conferences and giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses.


2:48 – Lamar Tyler’s story of why he moved from corporate America to entrepreneurship.

6:11 – Identifying personal success.

7:05 – How he created a movement behind his company, Black And Married with Kids.

9:10 – Strategies to monetize your audience.

12:57 – How to keep your audience engaged through “nurturing” the relationship to convert followers into paying customers.

15:42- The importance of segmenting your audience explained.

18:30 – How to create systems that allow your online business to run itself.

23:54 – Leveraging the power of community through Facebook groups for strategic analysis of your audience.

35:44 – Lamar Tyler reflects on how he would do things differently from the beginning.

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